What would it take to have all of life coming to you with ease, joy and glory? I have just lost my phone with all
my business contacts and everything… :-) What else is possible? It’s amazing how much stuff I had on that phone…
I had to laugh hard because I was due to meet my next client and all details were on that phone, so I had no idea
what to do…:-) How does it get any better than that? Sometimes we can rely so much on props like: phones, gadgets,
points of view, judgments (ours and that of others), decisions, computations, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions to
determine how we are doing… We can get so attached to these props at times… When such props get challenged or
pulled away from us, there’s always an electrical charge like: “bzz” that shoots through our system and this charge can
cause resistance to anything else that the universe is trying to gift to us…

So with my phone gone… I am truly grateful as I realize that there was a time when I would have been very upset and
enraged, yet this time, there is absolutely no charge – everything is just an interesting point of view – I ask myself:
what else is possible? :-) Now, all of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory! A simple process of running your “Bars”
which is an Access Consciousness modality that I use in one to one sessions and also teach to those who wish to learn
to run the Bars, will delete all the electrical charge caused by thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, judgments, points
of view (yours and others) from all your lifetimes. This wipes the slate clean for you, making you feel lighter, more
expansive and ready to receive. This actually always reminds me of Jesus’ words that went something like this:
Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me (John 14:30)
- If you have no charge, nothing will stick you! How does it get any better than that? :-)

Most people report: clarity, peace and calm, total relaxation, healing in different areas, joy and much more… So
why not join me for the next class in London, UK? If you are a therapist, coach, healer or minister, why not add
this nurturing experience to your repertoire and gift it to your clients incorporating it with your other tools…?
How did I get so lucky? All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory! What else is possible? :-)

Call me up for a private 1 to 1 session as well… What are the infinite possibilities that are waiting to show up in your life? :-)



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Let’s talk about cars a little… I saw a friend of mine, Bob, the other day, I hadn’t seen him for a long time and he showed up driving an Aston Martin, he had been a Bentley guy for a while, he just only bought  Bentleys.   So I asked him: hey what happened to your Bentley?  He started telling me about some technical issues he experienced and couldn’t get it fixed until he just decided he had had enough with Bentleys and went for a couple of Aston Martins instead… Hmmm… Interesting! :-) Now my dear friend
Bob is really an interesting guy, very driven and works around the clock which is great fun and we all do it because we love what we do…  Bob had some health issues recently which is very scary really because he is so young, the first time I got a text saying: “I’m in hospital, I’ve had a major operation…”  I was taken aback and started energetically doing what I can to contribute to his recovery – he got better and it happened again
they had to operate and had to go through the process of recovery again.

So here I was on the road having a chat with Bob and we started talking about what  he perceives as the  most important area of his life to work on… I was very pleasantly surprised as he started talking about  being aware of his body needing attention and because he cannot do much exercise at the moment, I gave him some of the techniques I use for myself to keep in perfect health and fitness…  Our bodies are our vehicles that carry us in this reality. We need to cleanse ourselves of all densities created through emotions, thoughts, feelings, points of view, judgments
and  beliefs that do not make us feel light. :-)  It is amazing how most people would take so much care of their cars and not watch what they put in their bodies and how they drive their bodies… Did you know that
the body has consciousness of its own…? You can actually ask: “Body what would you like to eat” and instantly have a knowing what your body needs… You can ask: “Body, do you want to do this or that?” and you’ll learn to have a knowing of what your body wants and how it wants to be treated, how much food it wants or not want…

I get truly amazed by those people who have staple  diets… or think they have to eat 3 times or 5 times a day… :-) Whose program are you running? How does your body really feel about all this hard work of having to chomp and and digest so much…?  Does your body really need that much…?  What about the ingredients of your meal…? Are you eating what is best suitable for your body’s needs right now or are you eating a diet that was based on a certain era, (for most people based on scarcity or abundance of a certain era then passed on through culture and generations…)??  Are you consuming or not consuming what your body requires right now, this present moment…?  How about the clothes you wear…? Do you ask your body what fabrics, colours, style it  wants to wear?  It makes a great difference! :-)

One thought about losing weight…  Please don’t do that to yourself!  When you lose something, you instinctively want to find it or get it back and so people do lose weight and get it back more than before… Don’t do that.  You can, however, donate your weight to wherever it is needed in this world, someone might need a little weight, you can energetically purpose to donate it to whoever or whatever needs that weight, be active, eat only what your body asks for in the amounts that it asks for.  If you have trained your body in the art of gluttony, change that by desiring and focusing to a healthier most beneficial way of life.  All things in moderation!  What else is possible?

Book your Bars Session or Class with me??? :-)

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At the end of June I received a text (sms) from my friend, Jack and I replied asking how they
were doing because I could sense some heaviness…  His reply came back with a major energetic
download of information and basically, over 6 months earlier, his mother-in-law  had been diagnosed
with cancer and had been given 3 months to live by the doctors.  She was in intensive care and in such
great pain – she was begging to die but it wasn’t happening, this was very heavy on the family and on her too.
So when my friend told me this  I was moved with compassion and I asked him to give me her name and
I would energetically tap into her morphic field and see what she needed in order to let go.  He gave me the
name, I tapped into the lady’s energy and found out that:

1) She was not grounded… You see, a spirit can not leave the body unless the person is grounded and since
it is the spirit that drives the body, it has to make sure that the body as the earth element is deeply connected
and grounded to it’s origin and then the spirit can disconnect and go back to its own origin.

2) She wasn’t fully aware of the eternal spirit that she is and didn’t have a clue what awaits her if she did
transition… For this part I used an Access tool that allows the being to clearly perceive and know
the choices available and decide to either transition or stay, this tool actually frees the person to take
charge instead of being a victim of the illness they are in.

On seeing this, I grounded the dear lady and did the exit stage left and she looked at me with such
gratitude and smiled –  she finally got free and she knew what to do next.  Now this was all done
energetically.  After I had done this I sent a text to Jack and said: “I have tapped into your mother-
in-laws field and she is now free and aware of her options…”  At the hospital, there was an immediate
change, she seemed to be more rested and composed which was a relief for everyone around her and
within 2 weeks from that day she transitioned peacefully…   How does it get any better than that? :-)

Click here to book your private 1 to 1 Access Bars Session

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I am always amazed how human beings always want to be validated.
I was even shocked to realize a month ago that I found myself doing
exactly that during a “Talk To The Entities” class… I mean I am an
all knowing being right?  So are you!  We are both entities with bodies
if you are reading this in an earthly body or otherwise… :-) So why do
we act as if we don’t know always seeking validation…?  When I realized
this in me, I was amazed and decided to pay attention and acknowledge that
I was doing it yet also to embrace and acknowledge the fact that I already know…
I guess we seek validation because we don’t want to be labelled odd by doing
or acting different.  For me, I realized that I was once married to someone
who always criticized my knowing and questioned it vehemently that I started
to shy away from operating from knowing and started seeking validation so
as not to be thought of as a smart arse… How sad is that?  It wasn’t this person’s
fault that I chose to deny myself, they were being true to their doubtful nature
and I chose to divorce my knowing in order to fit into their world… Very cute,
not smart at all… Now that I have recognized this I have PoD, PoC’d  it. :-)
We often look for counsel on things we already know… How strange is that?

So here is a neat tool… If you want to know if something is for you or not,
ask a question and if you feel light about the answer, like you have just taken
a breath of fresh air, then that is the truth for you, not necessarily the truth
for everyone, just for you because it feels light for you.  If it makes you feel
heavy, drop it like it’s hot because it is a lie for you even if everyone else could
swear by it.

So if you are reading some of my articles and you think that feels light for me then
keep reading but if you feel heavy;  move on in a flash as it is not for you.  Just like
some people can eat a heavy meal and be energized and someone else eats the same
meal and feel like immediately going to sleep… :-) How does it get any better than that? :-)

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I was sitting and chatting with a friend I haven’t seen in 2 years…
As we sat there chatting away about giving and receiving, I mentioned
to him how everything in life is so symbiotic, for instance I said: “Take
this couch we are sitting on, if you ask it to make you nice and comfortable,
it will”   My friend went: “What?  You talk to furniture now?”  I said: “Yes, I talk
to everything”  So I said: “Wait let me ask the couch to make us really comfortable” :-)
And I did, immediately after telepathically communicating with the couch, my friend
sort of shifted and settled… :-) I said: “So how was that?” He looked at me and said: Well,
I sort of shifted”  I said: “Was it you or the  couch readjusting so that we are more
comfortable?”  He looked at me and realized that he had had no intention to move
as we were both sitting closely on the couch chatting away… Bingo he got it! :-) Isn’t life

You see all creation is consciousness, the couch as well, the trees, the bed, the walls and everything
that has been created really.  :-)  The interesting part is if you’d really acknowledge the consciousness
in all things and engage with them, you’ll find life becoming so much better and fun!  Everything is
willing and ready to give to you, pay you compliments and motivate you.  Insane right?  Awesome!
Is the life you are living working for you?  If it is Awesome, keep doing it but if you sometimes
entertain the thought that: “There must be more…”  Why not have a little fun and gain some happiness! :-)
If you are a believer in the Christian faith you might know a crazy man named Jesus of Nazareth who
spoke to water and turned it into wine and sent his disciples to go and catch a fish that carried a coin…
How does it get any better than that? I like that kind of insanity, how about you?

Yesterday, I overheard a guy going on about having to pay for an “expensive” security system at his house
because he had been burgled…  What if he actually asked his house to look after itself whenever he left it
because it would, and no thief would go near it… Ha, ha – Just something to think about… :-) What else is possible?

If this post gives you a little twitch in the brain… Good on you!  If you think I am a nutter :-) I already know it
and I don’t care!   How are You doing…?  lol!  Ease, Joy and Glory!

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Category: Access Tools

**Life and all nature have taught me about abundance and symbiosis.  Every tree, shrub
and wild animal speaks of the effortlessness of being and flourishing… It makes you think,
does it not?
**Neuro Linguistic Programming taught me to be interested and try to connect with people,
use group dynamics and spiral dynamics, cause and effect and much more.
**Coaching Modalities taught me to listen, ask key questions, finding options, setting objectives
and many other cool tools.
**Hypnosis taught me how to talk to the unconscious mind and access change and do all sorts of
cool stuff…
**Then came Access, I gained access to me I learned about how to go back to the point of creation
and change things energetically. Go back to the point of destruction and change things energetically
- how cool is that? How does it get any better than that? Access Consciousness, I have just begun a
journey in the last few months that has revolutionized my life and the lives of those I have already
had the pleasure of working with. Access Bars is where it begins and you basically gain access to you
as you be. Remember the time when you were a kid and you knew you could do anything, no shame,
no fear, total clarity of mind, lots of joy (except when you were only sad in an effort to emulate the
parents and adults in your life because they all looked like they were always sucking lemons… :-) )
Remember? You knew you were great and even thought your parents were great until they proved
you wrong because they had forgotten how great they really were because someone else also sold them
the idea that it wasn’t as great as you were seeing it… Why do people think it looks cool to look sour, sad,
disgusted, and haggard and spunk-less…? Is it time yet? Is now the time for CHANGE?
My Priority: To see more Happy people not pretense… Really Happy within! How does it get any better
than that? Sure, you can laugh :-) – I know you want it! And you can have it all!


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Watch this video:

Click Here for more from Dr. Dain Heer

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I remember a tool I learned many moons ago and have used it in public speaking
which I have now discovered can be used in many different ways…
Wow, talk about infinite possibilities, what else is possible?

In public speaking if you extend your awareness to include every person in the room
so that you are aware of every person’s movement, action and reaction as you present:

1)      You feel more confident

2)      You cannot hold a negative thought of any form

3)       You are filled with so much love and oneness with everyone in the room

4)      You become dynamic in an unexplainable way; in fact that is what the charismatic do…

This makes you think really because if you have ever felt really “shitty” for lack of a better word,
it would be the time when your focus was too close to your body, when your awareness was just
about me, my or mine… :-)  The moment you shift your awareness to say 500 miles away from me,
my or mine; just by asking “expand awareness to 500 miles around” – you immediately shift focus
and feel better.   This is because you are an infinite being, much bigger than your body and if you are
focused only on what’s inside your body, you are crushing big old infinite you! :-) Expand!

Try this when you feel overwhelmed, miserable, challenged or when you just need some space to connect
with everyone and everything around you in a more dynamic way!

Play with it and if you’d like to become capable of receiving infinite possibilities why not book a Bars session
with me if you are in London England and if you are anywhere in Europe I can come there too, if you’ll get 10
of your friends who want to start living dynamically, I’ll train all 10 of you to do the Bars and you can become
great receivers and givers.  How does it get any better than that?

All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory!

Book your Bars session with me: Click Here!

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click on the post for enlarged print:

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The question empowers because it opens up to possibilities…

The answer or conclusion limits and closes up all possibilities…

What else is possible?

How does it get any better than that?

An answer judges and solidifies the situation as it tend to be a
statement of agreement, alignment or resisting and reaction to the situation at hand.

So instead of going into the judgement of things… How about asking questions:  What
is this?  What do I do with it?  Can I change it? If so, How can I change it?  Hey! What is
right about this that I am not getting?  Wow, questions are so much fun!  Remember
when you were a kid and you were so happy all the time and you kept on asking questions
and getting all energized…? Remember?  Yay!  How does it get any better than that?  So,
what will it take for you to realize just how amazing you really are? :-)

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